V-Connect Asia Edition is the leading B2B digital event by VIV worldwide.

Learn, network and make deals with the Feed to Food, animal protein production industry.   

300+ Exhibiting profiles are ready to plan meetings with you online and discuss business during the event dates.

20 high-end conferences with top-level speakers are scheduled and available for booking on V-Connect.     

The event goes live soon from 22-24 September! Prepare now your Online profile and arrange a fruitful business schedule.

Registration is now open!

Welcome to V-Connect Asia Edition

The #1 Digital B2B Networking Event for Asia’s Feed to Food Industry

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Why Attend V-Connect Asia Edition?

V-Connect Asia Edition offers incredible business benefits to Visitors:


Marketplace Integration

Engage with thousands of key players within your industry, increasing your exposure and brand awareness while securing profitable new deals.


AI-Powered Matchmaking

Intelligent member matchmaking introduces you to potential Asian Buyers in attendance. With a single click, embark on potential deals with new customers in convenient online meeting rooms.


Nuanced Networking

AI-fuelled networking enables you to search attending Buyer profiles (including VIV Industry Leaders) and reach out to discuss potential business ventures in Asia.


Incredible Program Content

Access a fantastic line-up of speakers sharing key industry updates and vital content that can play a pivotal role in your business development in Asia. Benefit from exclusive industry updates and additional forms of knowledge. Program content can be easily organised using your in-platform agenda.

Who will you Connect with?

The Exhibitors we welcome to V-Connect Asia Edition are the Feed to Food specialists that you can normally meet in person at one of the biannual VIV Asia events in Bangkok. For the first time, these exhibitor profiles will be available for you in a digital space:

Why join us Online?

Digital connectivity has already proven to be an incredible asset to everyday business and is here to stay. We are excited to include digital events in our future event schedules, as we believe they are a valuable additional resource alongside our acclaimed in-person networking events.


The V-Connect event series is dedicated to helping your business excel despite the current global climate and in a distant future as well.


Connect with members of your industry wherever and whenever you want! Do it with your trusted network from Feed to Food: VIV worldwide.

What is V-Connect?

The V-Connect platform is the digital result of the conversion of our highly successful in-person B2B networking events into an online format to suit the current business landscape.


V’ stands for VIV (our global brand name) and ‘Connect’ reflects our commitment to facilitating business networking regardless of location or current restrictions.


Our ever-evolving management platform provides a progressive web-based, smartphone-supported online ecosystem optimised for all attendees to meet, network and make deals.


The V-Connect platform offers businesses a reliable, responsive and highly actionable platform through which to grow as we continue to adapt to and prosper during the current global climate.

Platform Features


Meet Suppliers

Set up 1:1 business meetings with relevant brands intelligently selected by aligned business profile interests and elements. Our Visitors enjoy 3 days of real-time, interactive live chat or video call meets with existing and new suppliers.


Industry Immersion

Position your business at the heart of the Feed to Food industry. Our end-to-end platform unites thousands of industry frontrunners to engage, network and deal with one another. Visit Exhibitors’ virtual booths where you can join 1:1 meetings and group webinars and view custom campaigns.


Learn & Network

Attend webinars, live stream conferences and many more online event formats. Visit themed Virtual Lounges hosting group chats, and access unique opportunities to meet and negotiate with industry experts, associations and stakeholders.


Cutting-Edge Platform

The V-Connect platform offers seamless access from laptop or smartphone with full app integration and no download necessary. Its customisable digital showcase booths enable Exhibitors to create unique online shop fronts featuring on-brand imagery, marketing collateral and more.

Every event hosted on the V-Connect digital platform provides a new phase of online connectivity for the industry it serves (based on regional targets). Get on board and boost your business today with V-Connect’s digital event series!

Sign Up & Registration

The Direct Link to the Registration for Visitors, Buyers, Press, VIV Industry Leaders will be available here from August 3rd, 2021.


V-Connect Visitor Benefits

Free Attendance

All Visitors enjoy 100% FREE attendance to V-Connect Asia Edition – an incredible opportunity to discover new partnerships and significantly grow your business. The base, free participation includes up to 5 business matching meetings and 1 webinar of your choice


Profitable Sessions

Attend 1:1 meetings with potential new suppliers and enjoy access to an impressive line-up of industry speakers, professional gatherings and much more.


Upgrade Potential

If you decide that you would like to benefit from enhanced event access, completing an on-platform upgrade to full Buyer status could not be simpler once logged in to the platform.


Unlock V-Connect’s Full Power

Connect with our entire list of event exhibitors and enjoy full access to the event’s rich program line-up at the following affordable rates: 

  • Unlimited business matching meetings & video calls, live chat  €49.00
  • Unlimited access to online webinars  €29.00

We look forward to welcoming you as a Visitor to V-Connect Asia Edition.


If you have any questions regarding the upcoming V-Connect Asia Edition event for Visitors, please contact our friendly support team. Please send your request to Online Help Desk at [email protected] | Tel.: +662 1116611 (Bangkok Office)